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Highest standards of quality and a wide range of services to fully satisfy our customers' requirements...

Experimental prototypes

Our problem-solving skills allowed us to be involved in different experimental programmes promoted by national and international research institutes.


Our range of machinery is composed of manually and non-manually controlled devices: lathes, milling machines, boring machines, cylindrical and flat grinding.

Special processes

Alongside the traditional manufacturing techniques, we provide special processes such as inspection with penetrant liquids, TIG welding and plunge EDM.


We work in the production of aeronautical and aerospace components, to which we combine the fundamental special processes, first of all, TIG welding and die-sinking EDM. Our company structure allows us to fully satisfy our customers' requests, providing a wide range of services, from prototype components to the industrialization of the required product.


We aim for maximum customer satisfaction, thanks to absolute process reliability and strict controls during production.

We submit every stage of the production process to statistical checks and self-checks, constantly monitor the production equipment, strictly observe the quality standards required by the customer and strictly complies with the processing and delivery times.
The continuous collaboration with our customers constitutes a fundamental part of our company philosophy, for this reason, we rely on continuous audits by customers and certification bodies.
The results achieved to date confirm that our efforts to maintain the philosophy in which we firmly believe lead us towards how much required today by the global market.


We specialized in the production of complex parts, obtained from solid or fusion sizes ranging from 1 to 999 mm in diameter and up to 1500x1000x800mm in volume.


  • Inconel
  • Titanium
  • Avional
  • Magnesium
  • Plastic Materials
  • Special steels
  • Alluminium alloys
  • Copper & Bronze alloys


The department consists of 3 and 4 axis work centres, advanced motorized lathes and CNC, able to cope with medium-high production volumes. All productions are managed and monitored by highly qualified technical staff and specialized production staff.
On the produced material, the checks required by our Quality System are carried out: approval in the start-up phase of production where necessary, self-check performed by the operators on machine and tests in the production performed by the quality control department staff.

Adjustment and assembly department:

We boast both round and flat adjustment department and an adjustment and assembly department.

Small batches and complex processes:

We supply small lots and highly complex mechanical processes. In addition to making use of highly technological precision machinery, this department employs qualified and highly motivated staff to achieve the highest quality standards.

Mechanical equipment:

We build mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, used to manufacture the products commissioned by customers. This department also has a data collection system.


  • lathe c/n harrison alpha (lathe in angular self-learning.)
  • zps_lathe c/n
  • lathe itama
  • biglia lathe c/n
  • emco lathe c/n turn 365
  • bridgeport boring mill
  • nomo arno boring mill nomo 30 with motorized slide
  • doosan vertical lathe
  • deckel machining centre controlled _fp4nc deckel
  • machining center she hong
  • emco mcx750_machining center
  • universal grinding machine 621-ua (dia 255x600) tacchella
  • tangential grinding machine 610x203 jones & shipman
  • tangential grinding machine 483x168 jones & shipman
  • grinding machine c/n type mb/75 favretto
  • hidrat_plunger electro erosion
  • agie torn_plunger electro erosion
  • oil filtering system transor
  • welding machine
  • boring mill fa130
  • vertical band saw
  • white band saw
  • lathe okuma genos


ISO 9001 certified, the quality control department is our flagship, the guarantor of the quality of all processed products. We have a modern metrological room at a controlled temperature, equipped with high precision machinery such as:

  • Three-dimensional Measurement Unit with Measuring Range 900 x 700x 500
  • Three-dimensional Measurement Unit with Measuring Range 500 x 500 x 500
  • Latest generation digital measuring instruments: durometers, altimeters, roughness meters, gauges, micrometers, etc.
All the instruments are periodically checked internally by primary blocks and calibrated by certified bodies.



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